Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Embroidered Patchwork Cushion Cover

 i would think twice about cutting someone else's work , but when it's mine i don't mind. i wasn't left with much of the quilt, just a few strips. so i stitched the good bits together to make a cushion cover.
 i am not a very good patch worker, my pieces never match up.......i am not too worried , i have come to accept the fact that i am not a perfectionist. i am more interested in how i use colour, & if the finished product is useful.
 i didn't try to match up the pieces so it is a bit random. the blanket stitching was the border of the quilt, but most of it was damaged. i salvaged what i could to give the cover a border.

the back is made from pieces of chenille from old bedspreads found at op shops.

now adding a sunny splash of colour to the  verandah.


  1. very nice...pretty colours!!....so good to reuse stuff and have a new life...

  2. Such a great project! I love the colours and combination of soft, cozy textures. Great embroidery too! Beautifully done xx

  3. Wow. I love pink and orange together, and the dragonflies! So cool that you made something with the pieces and didn't just toss them. Inspirational!



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