Wednesday, March 13, 2013

365 Creative Challenge

a bit of a mixture this week.......crayon drawing of an eye on painted & stamped paper
vintage fabric, tea stained calico, string stitched with embroidery thread,
used envelopes painted with watercolour, torn & glued, gesso around the edge drawn into while still wet, & aquarelle pencil,
book page painted with turquoise ink, buttons & felt figures glued on, & glittery ink stencils,
collage on block printed butcher's paper, stencil text, star strips & picture from a book,
collage using the same grid patterned painted paper as the first page, painted tissue paper, i found five faces in the papers & highlighted them with ink, & a number five from a magazine,
writing in wet gesso, sloshy blue watercolour,
torn  magazine paper, old hand written lists, & the ladies courtesy of the,
a collage on watercolour paper, the paper was painted with red acrylic, when dry tissue paper glued on & then the image of the girl (from wrapping paper), & more paint added to blend in the image.


  1. nice eyes...and blue skies...and buttons...good work...

  2. Fabulous eyes and pages.....thanks for visiting....

  3. I love the eye! These are very textural and I live the colors. I want to work more with crayons.

  4. You're doing good on the 365 challenge - well done Raylee!



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