Wednesday, January 2, 2013

365 in 2013 Challenge

sometimes i wonder about the things i crazy am i?'s done , i have begun this create something every day in 2013!
i think i can accomplish a page a day in an altered are my first for yesterday, & one for today. i began by choosing words  from the text that meant something to me, not every one will understand what it's about but i did say in my last post that i would try to be more personal & honest with my art.
on the first page is part of an old school photo.......a part because the rest of it is missing. i am the one in the light blue jumper.
the picture on the second page i found in the book i am altering........the lady shopping & the shopkeepers fitted in with the text .
after choosing the words i used water soluble crayons to colour the pages, then collaged the photo & picture onto the pages, put some more crayon onto the collaged bits & rubbed the crayon with my fingers to blend the colours, then washed the pages with water.
 when it had dried i washed a watery white acrylic over the crayon. printed the circular pattern with a dark mix of burnt umber & ultramarine acrylic with a hex nut that had been loaded with paint. before it was dry i pressed a piece of paper over the circles to see what would happen........some of the paint lifted which i was happy with.
lastly i printed the year that the school photo was taken.
i have left blank pages so that i can record the process for each page for future reference.
how did i come to begin this project?........ihanna of course!!.........if you would like to join in , or want to know more just click on the link to her blog.


  1. Wow, those are quite elaborate pages Raylee, I hope you can do simpler ones for other days... ;-) Thanks for joining, I will put up a button for the project this week.

    Take care!

  2. nice do like challenge...hope the background change will enhance it too...will be watching!!...

  3. wow ! it's must be great challenge!
    keep it up, my dear friend.



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