Sunday, January 6, 2013

365 in 2013 Challenge pages 5 & 6

two more pages in keeping withihanna's 365 in 2013 challenge......
page 5 of my altered book.....highlight a word & a number, paint the page straight from the tube of atelier vermilion acrylic, glue on some torn tissue paper drawings & add a little watery permanent sap green.
these drawing exercises are from a life drawing class i did a few years ago tutored by  "Eden Scott" . he suggested tracing figures for home work to get to know what you were actually learning to draw when the real life model was in front of you.

page 6.......this page came together after one of my sort through the bits & pieces episodes. i often find things to use for different things when i am looking for other things. this part of a green coat was on the cut edge of some fabric, later i was flicking through an art magazine & found the image of the girl, just the right size for the coat.
cut out the image & stick it to a page, tack the coat to a piece of sewing pattern tissue paper with red thread, glue onto the image add a bit more pattern paper with text.


  1. I love sketches and the green coat girl!

  2. it seems to be an interesting way to save all those bits that are kept for decorated and in a book...nice...

  3. i am happy some of the bits are finding a new place to live!
    found some old watercolour paintings in my last clean up, so went to work with the scissors.....



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