Saturday, September 24, 2011

Paper Stacks

All kinds of paper goes into my paper collection.....tissue, wrapping,old books, magazines, packaging...... ......paper doilies, used envelopes, old watercolours just to name some of it.....

.......some of the journals i have been working on this year: the "nudge journal", from Diana Trout's blog, "flights of fancy journal"(each page includes wings of some sort), the "wee jasper journal" ( about my first home ), & my altered book of bits & pieces of art that i like eg. exhibition catalogues, newspaper & magazine clippings.

This post is in response to Seth Apter's request to bloggers to show their paper stacks. you can find this post at:

if you like art have a look at his blog - very versatile, interesting, informative, helpful, exciting & inspirational too!



  1. go girl...the stacks...Number 94 hey!!...very orderly and lots of stuff to be inspired by...

  2. Love the supplies in the first picture just waiting their turn to be used and the completed journals in the last shot.

  3. Your stacks of supplies AND wonderful creations are inspiring!
    Stack on!

  4. Oh my... really adore your "stack" of paper!
    Great collection :]
    So inspiring to see stacks of art journals, love it.

  5. Love that old box w/supplies just waiting to be put to art! thanks for sharing~

  6. Wonderful stacks! Very cool indeed!!

  7. thank you to all for your inspiring comments, love to have you visit our blog.

  8. I'd love to dig through your stacks and journals!

  9. I'm a true lover of altered books and journals. These are awesome. Makes your supplies look like they are anxious to be chosen. Sorry I'm late getting here. I'm still trying to get through the very long list of stackers!

  10. I love the first pic, great stuff!
    Enjoy spring! xo FM



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