Saturday, August 20, 2011

Out of the Blue

Are you one of those people that get a surprise when you are waiting patiently for a break in the traffic ......& out of the blue ...someone slows down to let you in?.... i am, but grateful too. Do you get stuck in the supermarket aisles?.....(why don't they make wider aisles?) you get a surprise when someone smiles & obligingly gives you the right of way to continue down the aisle......i do ......but i smile back & say thank you. Do you have conversations with strangers at the checkout?...... the young woman behind me asked what was i doing with the wool i was about to buy, i told her it was for crocheting a rug, she then told me she had been making crochet squares. she was buying a canvas, so then we discussed what we liked to paint. these nice things happened to me all within a couple of hours.....the moral of the doesnt take much to make me i hope that i will be more courteous in future & my positive actions can make someone else smile.

What happens to bits of leftover wool? ....well i made some small crochet flowers & a circle along with a bit of fabric & odd earrings to decorate a tie from the op-shop for the "scarf lover"........& a pin cushion for myself. (raylee).


  1. lovely thoughts...and yes we all need to slow down and be nice to people around us....there are a lot of lovely people out there...
    I like the scarf and pincushion too...what is the thing behind the model??

  2. the frames from a post "dolls & frames" from a very early blog post. the cane bit in the bottom left corner..... the back of an op- shop chair found by "scarf lover" yesterday morning.



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