Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Catch the Wind" - Flights of Fancy Journal

I sometimes, well most times am not sure what i want to write in a journal......so i thought the words dont have to be my own. I can write the words of others that have inspired me, amused or interested me or something i just like. While watching the morning show on TV yesterday morning...enjoying my coffee, i heard the phrase "in these uncertain times". I was shocked, i already knew this, but to hear Ross Greenwood say it made me see the reality of the situation. The times are uncertain for many & i am sure a lot of people feel they are lost, down & may not see a way out of their problems. The phrase reminded me of "Catch the Wind", a song by Donovan - 1965. (Im showing my age now , arent i ?)

"In the chilly hours & minutes, of uncertainty, I want to be, in the warm hold of your lovin' mind, feel you all around me, & to take your hand along the sand, ah, but i may as well try & catch the wind."........so Donovans words are in my journal along with some of my own.
My advice to those in need is to reach out & take someones helping hand, .......or if someone extends their hand reach out & take it.....dont try & "Catch the Wind".

How do you feel about "these uncertain times"?

Have you any advice, experiences, thoughts you might like to share? (raylee).


  1. spelling mistake!!!....what spelling mistake?

  2. spelling mistake....what spelling mistake?....I also like your quote previously..."to get what you want,want what you have"....its now on my fridge whiteboard for my lot to think about...good stuff Rayls...

  3. thank you , you are so clever! what would i do without you?...... im pleased you liked that quote...its my favourite too.....sort of sums up what we are doing with our bits & pieces, dont you think? i think a lot of people are wanting what they have as no one is spending their money & thats making life a lot harder.



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