Thursday, August 4, 2011

Flights of Fancy

Some more pages from the "Flights of Fancy" journal. I am using an old book that has maps on some of the pages, which i have gessoed over. when i have acrylic paint leftover on my palette i use it to add colour to these pages. the texture is created by placing the page onto the palette, & pressing it into the paint.when this page was dry i added some collage, paper torn from magazines. each page has something with wings on it. there is ample room for writing or adding more collage. This page has been decorated by block printing with a watery acrylic mix of blue & green & an accidental splash of red, i think it brightens the page. the card is blank inside , so may be used for journaling.

I have only used a light wash of gesso on this page so the map shows through. the picture of the parrots i found in an art magazine. i will go back over the pages & add more, as i find new pictures or text to add to them, or some of my own drawing or painting......& eventually some journaling,.....which i dont find easy to do. (raylee).


  1. great work...will be another interesting thing to look at in reality...lucky you have a pallette of paint to use up on these lovely pages...

  2. thanks again, the paint is usually watered down at the end of a block printing session on fabric used for bags.



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