Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wee Jasper Journal

I have been thinking about this for a long time, but wasnt sure how to start..... so after seeing a photo journal my youngest sister made for another sisters birthday i was inspired to make a start. a cousin & youngest sister have been researching family history & sending me lots of photos. i have been collecting pictures from magazines that are relevant to this subject, according to my memory. i am using the photos & pictures to create pages of memories. i havent started the jounaling yet........hoping that will come to me as i progress . the quote at the top of the page is - "Memory is the diary that we carry about with us" - Oscar Wilde. The painting - "Sunlight and Shadows" - Wee Jasper, by Warwick Fuller. the line & wash drawing unknown. i included it as it is very similar to my first home at Wee Jasper....... .......which was the home of my great grandparents....... this is my great grandmother. she is standing at the gate with her dog at her side. i have collaged some things that i remember from her garden, some embroidery...... she loved sewing, & some calico......she always wore aprons made from calico with something embroidered on them. (raylee).


  1. wow...this looks really good....are you going to use the journal for something or just decorating it???

  2. thank you. i will do a page or two as i find things, & write some of my memories as well so that others can read it.

  3. I look forward to traveling the journey with you..



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