Friday, January 28, 2011


Here she is, her name is "Moira"......she is fully dressed from top to bottom, she measures 20"or 51cm. her head & body are made from tea stained calico. the hair is raggy strips of assorted fabrics............ her clothes are made from two satin blouses, a cotton jumper, an underskirt from an evening dress & pink brocade furnishing fabric.

Showing her black lace socks & black shoes.
Her eyes ae a little too close together....... but you get that sometimes! (raylee).


  1. maybe not a ballerina but she is beautiful...very different from the others...maybe its just her character..she seems very confident and girls would like her...

  2. thanks for that encouraging comment, i might try another one..... with a few changes. i really enjoyed dressing this one!

  3. Moira looks very gypsy like........does she have sisters?



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