Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nudge - 15 & 16

Nudge - 16 ....mix black & white to make grey. i mixed burnt umber & ultramarine blue to make a black, then mixed it with titanium white (acrylics). ....... i liked the idea of using grey........so...... i cut & tore pieces of grey paper to make a collage page as well. (i had been trying print image transfers). i tried it on canvas & it was successful, so thought i would try on watercolour paper that had been previously painted with a watered down acrylic wash. i dont think it was dry enough......so the girl lost a leg...... oh well , just have to try again. Nudge - 15 .......wear something out of the ordinary, this is kind of cheating, i do wear these shoes , but never with purple stockings! (raylee).


  1. nice stockings!!!..purple??..what the??...why are you wearing stockings in this weather???

  2. because the exercise was to wear something wild, that you wouldnt usually do, & this is what i had.no i didnt have them on very long!



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