Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy new year

It has been a little bit busy here, lots of rain, lots of cooking, lots of family & friends, eating & merry making. we had an enjoyable Christmas. we started on Christmas Eve with a roast pork & dumplings, glazed ham, potato salad, roast vegetable salad, green beans with garlic, & deserts...... pavlova, lime cheesecake with cherries & blackberries, there was no room for the Christmas cake, it had to wait. ... the next day was an easy going eat when you please kind of day. we had seafood & lots of leftovers, margaritas, lots of music, a bit of singing & guitar playing , swimming, laughing, photos...... a good time had by all! these gorgeous hibiscus bloomed on Christmas Eve. they measure about 6" across.
We wish everyone a happy new year, may all your wishes come true......well the ones that really matter. may the sun come out & dry up all the rain, & may the rain fall on all the dry places that have missed out! & if its snow you have stay warm! ...... if its anything worse than that...... Pray!!! (raylee).


  1. sounds like a lovely time had by all....what a lovely hibiscus...have you had it long??....what a great time for it to flower!!.. nice photo're getting good!!

  2. thank you! about 12 months, it was a present from my daughter. you have to be quick to catch the sun these days.... to get good photos outside!



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