Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pyjama morning.......

This morning , about 6 am, i decided to do some more sewing, but thought i should take some photos before the project was completed. so after a couple of photos of the sewing i found some other things i have been making, so more photos,then i went outside & took photos of the garden...... in the back yard, ok i took one just outside the front gate! an hour had passed! school holidays still, so kids wanted help with their projects, another hour gone.......... everyone hungry now .... one wants porridge, one wants toast & vegemite, another wants eggs. so i made all the different breakfast orders, & kept going while i was in the cooking mood & made a pasta dish for lunch & some baked butter rice for dinner, by this time it was about 10 am ....... so im still in my pyjamas, go back to my sewing , after the kitchen clean-up. its lunch time ........ already? (raylee).


  1. you and those pajamas....must be good stuff!!...where are the photos???...whatcha doin??...

  2. photos coming, just taking a few more this morning...... in my pyjamas!



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