Friday, October 1, 2010

Art journal

This is what i have been doing in between other things. my inspiration comes from "diana trout" (hub- bub). this is the front cover, i used an old diary from the office, stuck a picture from a calendar & a word cut from a magazine on the front. i started with bits of fabric & pictures & some journalling , some watercolour pencils to add colour & other bits i found i just added , now its a work in progress. i found it relaxing & quick & easy for times when you dont want to think too much. all you need to start is a book of some sort, a glue stick ,pictures from magazines or draw\paint your own & anything else you think suitable.
try it........ you will be surprised! (raylee).


  1. absolutely excellent....nice work...looks great and lots of ideas and colours in there as well as using up bits and pieces.....

  2. thanks essemm, glad you like it. are you going to try it?

  3. day...have a lot of ideas and pages saved..just need the time to get it going...

  4. just do it! start with one thing at a time, it will grow!!



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