Monday, September 6, 2010

The day after

I sometimes find the day after much more interesting than the actual occasion , event or whatever it is that you have attended. all the bits & pieces , observations, conversations ,snippets over heard, fleeting glimpses , funny accidents & goings on that happen when a lot of different people get together. it all comes out the next day, when everyone relates their stories of the previous evenings events. everyone has a different story to tell , & you learn what has happened that you have missed as not everyone is in the same place at the same time. its good to sit around the table & hear the stories & have a laugh with friends & family after such occasions & learn that everyone had a good time. (raylee).


  1. hear hear!!!...I agree...we had a good time...

  2. Totally agree. The injuries I sustain during an event are also a nice little 'map' of the night I've had. From Saturday night I have three: a) bruised shins (too much dancing), b) sore throat (too much karaoke) and c) a sore cheek bone (where Sammy slam-cuddled me and hit me with her glasses!) All in all, a fantastic time.

  3. Yay Bree...welcome to the commemts...sorry to hear you've been injured...hope you're healing well..back in the cold country....lovely to catch up with you...



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