Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Get organised

Thats what im trying to do at the moment, when things dont work out i have a tidy up...... go through all the clutter, which isnt really clutter, it just looks that way after a while. put it all in boxes , baskets ,bags files & label everything so that i can find it when i want it.sometimes thats not easy as i dont have a very big work space, dont get me wrong, im glad i have some space. i just have so many things i want to do , & so i collect all sorts of bits & pieces for the different projects i have in mind. the older i get the more i want to try, so you see what i mean. the other thing ive noticed is the older i get the faster the time goes! when my head gets cluttered i find a complete break from creating does it for me, like a walk ,or a boat ride or reading.... the kind that takes you to another place. clear head , tidy work space & im ready to try again! (raylee).

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