Friday, May 30, 2014

"Is This Painting Finished?"

 what do you think?
i would love your opinion, suggestions,  thoughts......please.
don't be shy..... i will listen to every thing you have to say!
 why am i asking you this question?......well because, when i began i thought there would be a lot more involved. like layers & more layers of paint to cover my original  blue painted drawing lines. as you can see in the yellow flower this is what i started to do.
 maybe i am getting ahead of myself here......yesterday's art class subject was "still life".
the tutor set up little arrangements on a long table in the middle of the room.
 we could then choose what we wanted to paint.
so i chose the vase with the yellow flower, added the onions from a different set up, made up the blue bowl, (you could tell i did that couldn't you?) there was a white cloth on the table, & an aqua cloth, i just moved the aqua one  to where i thought it looked better in the painting & made it blue.

 i painted the blue cloth, draped it over the end of the table & around behind the vase.
 then i painted the lighter coloured tablecloth.....
started to make the leaves darker.....didn't even finish one .....see the red bit?
 put in some dabs of paint for the light areas.
you can  still see most of the drawing lines, which i thought would disappear eventually with more paint.
the tutor walks around the class to help & give advice...... her advice to me was "put in a few more drawing lines!.....then ..... don't touch it!......sign it." questions to myself  "have i been over painting?"
"is less really more?"
if this is the case i will be able to churn them out  a whole lot faster!
i took the tutor's advice.....i stopped & signed!
what do you think?


  1. ummm...that's a hard one...only you will know when you're done...looks done to me...good one...

  2. thanks,.......once i sign them they are done!
    i guess the tutor knows best.



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