Friday, May 23, 2014

Family & The Ties That Bind

 there are paintings around my place in different stages that no-one notices.......i thought it interesting that both my children commented on this piece on  separate visits.
 the dark frame surrounding the vent is a found one & the outside one i bought at an auction shop. the photo is of my two younger sisters taken in front of the house early 1960's.(they are both wearing aprons).

 each piece fitted inside the other, i tied some old crochet cotton through the holes in the vent & around the frame just to hold it in place. i didn't put anything on the back as i wanted the light to create shadows when i hung it on the wall, which you can see in the first photo (click on photo ).
 the pen marks the spot on the map of the location of "bobundara" near cooma nsw, where we lived.
 my school photo which was taken around the same time as the one of my sisters.
& the same photo i altered for the "365 creative challenge 2013" journal.


  1. wow...very lovely mix of memories...clever vent decoration...cant really believe you've kept it for all these years....looks really good now not junk anymore...

  2. thank you.
    i found it when we went back to have a look if the house was still there in the early 90's, it wasn't , but i found the vent.

  3. You are a hoarder but a brilliant one.

  4. Love it. I need to do something with my doors I took from buttle street when the house was being demolished.



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