Thursday, May 15, 2014

"For Janette" - Collage/Acrylic on Canvas

 almost there.....
 some detail.....
after almost 365 collages on old office diary pages last year , measuring about 17x23cm, i was missing it.
so i began a much larger one around the end of january, 2014, measuring 101x76cm.
to begin i stuck old book pages, magazine pictures, painted papers, paper doilies, scrapbook papers, a copy of a hand written recipe from my great grandmothers recipe book, & torn dress pattern tissue randomly over the canvas.
i have worked on it slowly as i found bits & pieces of papers & ideas.
i wanted to try painting something old & rusty, but pretty too, & just add collage & see where it all went.
 a lot of the original papers have been covered with acrylic as my thought process changed along the way.
if you look closely you will find the title of the painting in the collage.


  1. Another beautiful piece of artwork

  2. wow...lucky Jeanette...lovely!!



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