Thursday, April 24, 2014

Red & Green & Blue in the Garden

 we are having the best autumn weather, sunny warm days, mostly blue skies, cooler nights & a few showers which have been regular enough that i only have to water the garden occasionally.

 but have been taking lots of photos, katie from randomnest has inspired me to take photos around the garden.

 this one just appeared a few months ago & last week flowered......i don't know what it is, anyone know it's name?

my herb garden is still going strong.........thyme & sage are my favourites at the moment.
 i have  had to make  a lot of changes to my diet. so food preparation has become something i have to put more thought into........gluten free & lactose free cooking was a challenge to begin with , but i'm getting used to it after four months of trial & error.
 this was my first chocolate free Easter! i didn't miss it much at all. i didn't feel the need to look for an alternative.
so far this year i have made some other positive changes......i started a new art class, have been doing more painting & recently started posting my art on facebook, & made some boards on pinterest. but still have a lot to learn, have not worked out how to link to these yet......all in good time i guess.


  1. go you good thing...we've learnt so much in the last 4 years...the garden looks really good too...the lovely weather is good for it too...nice and rich and bright...

  2. Wow, your plants are divine and look so happy. Cooking with fresh herbs makes all the difference. Love your ideas for planting in pots...may steal a few of your ideas. I can't wait to plant. Still too early here in Ohio.You also have an excellent resource here to sketch and paint. Thanks for stopping by my Blog. Good to see you again! Your Blog looks wonderful.



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