Monday, April 28, 2014

From the Lake to the Garden.....

 we live close to a lake where a lot of leisure time is spent.
 we go out in an old boat that husband has restored.
 he likes to go fishing, i just like being on the water.
 sometimes he brings home fish or mud crabs.......
but this one time he brought home a chair that he found in the lake almost submerged. being the inquisitive type he had to investigate what was sticking up out of the water!
it was muddy & yukky, but after a good scrubbing & some new cushions made from fabrics that i had unpicked from a couch cover, a piece of floral curtain fabric(found in my art tutor's rag box for cleaning oily paint brushes) much too pretty for that!, & trimmed with some piping i found at the op shop.
 the chair now  looks quite comfortable in the garden.
 i had to save this floral piece from being destroyed by oil paint. it just happened to be the right size for the chair seat cushion.


  1. So lucky to be able to go off in the boat....lovely lake and pelican visitors...and wow what a score with the chair!!...looks great...and comfy now with the pretty cushions...



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