Friday, April 4, 2014

How Do You Like Your Eggs?.........In Cross Stitch???

 in an  old rusty frying pan?
 how about some roses on that old rusty bucket?, or tin?, or that old watering can?

 wow everyone with a daisy door, car door that is!
another library book with lots of arty people & their creations: "the new artisans" by olivier dupon.
always something to catch the eye at the local library.
some links to just a few of the artists included in this book, well worth a look! : wire sculpture  : wallpaper & stitches
manon : recycled fabric : recycled materials/ chair covers  : cross stitch : printing , cover image on the book.

thanks for stopping by.......have a happy weekend!


  1. Great creativity and design work.By this post i came to know that we can create cross stitch on waste material and that can too look beautiful.

  2. amazing the creative well as the work to produce such items...very clever!!...



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