Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Altered Book Journal

Today i have been putting together a journal . i used an old book, firstly i painted some of the pages with gesso & some with acrylics. stuck some pictures on some pages. made pockets from used business envelopes, also painted the smaller ones from Christmas cards.

Lots of small pieces of leftover fabric randomly stitched to make a kind of crazy patchwork became the book cover.

Envelope pocket to hold a book mark.....some envelopes have interesting colours & patterns on the inside.

......& another smaller one to hold pictures, notes, etc. a picture from an old calendar stuck on the bottom of the page.

I have left some pages blank, & some without much on them so that the new owner can put their own art, ideas, thoughts, notes, doodling,whatever they like inside.

On the spine i have put the owner's initials & some old bits of jewellery from broken ear rings. (raylee).


  1. nice work...very pretty...hope the new owner uses it well...wish her Happy Birthday from us...
    keep going with the books...they're lovely...

  2. thanks ,will do!(wish her a happy birthday).



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