Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A hand full of shells, feathers, cuttle fish, grass etc., collected on a beach walk. i brought them home & put them in the back of this small canvas for safe keeping until i found a use for them...... a few days later i picked the canvas up to take the objects out & decided they were very happy where they were.
so now this little arrangement sits on top of a cupboard in my work room, along with other things ( a framed drawing, an old photo of my dad in a frame probably as old as he would have been, some rusty things & a beautiful butterfly in a square glass vase to name some of them). i will post some more photos soon.
arranging & re-arranging things is something i do quite often, i seem to find inspiration to create other things just by doing this.
it makes me happy to create .......& when the morning sunshine streams into my work room it makes me really happy!!
What makes you happy? where does your inspiration come from? what influences you? (raylee).


  1. wow..what a clever girl you are...nice arrangement...who needs flowers??....good stuff..



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