Wednesday, June 22, 2011

White Buttons

Recently i was given some white wanting to make some napkin rings that wouldnt take long to make.....i threaded the white buttons onto white bricklayers string, it is white & silky, tied the ends & ready to slip onto the folded napkins. the table cloth & napkins were op-shop finds. sometimes simple is best.

My attempt at making butterfly cakes ...... i think some of them had an accident , or maybe they flew through a storm or something......they say the proof is in the pudding ........they were yummy! some i made with strawberry jam & cream, & some i replaced the jam with thick chocolate custard.(raylee).


  1. what a lovely festive sight...and the butterflies look terrific...nice napkin holders as well...lovely scene...hope everyone enjoyed themselves..

  2. thank you.... they all disappeared, wings as well.....they told me they were delicious.



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