Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Napkin Rings

A simple quick & easy project that doesnt cost much . if you use table napkins you might like to try these. i cut mine from a toothpaste box.....so they arent really rings at all......you could use a cardboard cylinder if its rings you want. Then spray some glue adhesive to the cardboard, stick on a piece of braid, that has been previously measured & cut to fit around the cardboard.......let it dry.....

......clip on an old ear ring. i found the napkins, braid & ear rings at op shops. this works well if there are only two table settings , if you wanted a larger number , & all the rings to match buttons could be the answer. i like mix & match , different ones would suit me..... what am i saying? when do i ever get so fancy? (raylee).

1 comment:

  1. hey... I dont know about fancy...what a lovely way to store some of those bits of material...or serviettes for the outside dooos...I'm sure there will be more uses for pretty bits like that..



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