Sunday, June 19, 2011

More art from the past

The canvas i used for this painting was one that i had started to paint a male portrait on that just did not i scrubbed it off & painted a muddy brown over the whole canvas, & put it away.......i thought i should use the canvas for this painting , as i wanted a dark background , also i dont like to waste things....... about one third of the way in.....i had a freak felt like i was painting someone else that looks a lot like the subject, (not the original male i was trying to paint) or the subject looks a lot like the other person.......anyway i had to stop for a while & then go back to it , as i kept going the real subject emerged..... & it does look like her.
So i have learnt to persevere even if it doesnt look right in the beginning.......but i have also learnt not to bang my head against the wall......if it gets to the stage where everything i try doesnt feel right , i let it go. sense wasting time on something that i will not be happy with.....start something new & try again.

****** I would like to congratulate "everything cupcakes" for being nominated for a "style award" at the handmade markets in canberra last weekend 11/6/2011. check them out at -***** (raylee).



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