Monday, October 25, 2010

Cutesy collage

Beautiful sunny weekend, swimming, eating seafood, crafting with the kids, family time, making small collage pictures, & trying something new from something old...... a handmade book , not yet complete. the picture of the bear is the first page, more to come as i make further progress. the collage pictures are made from old kids story books i found at the local "tip shop". well thats my about you? (raylee).


  1. very nice time had by all...nice book too...what are the small pictures??...quiet here too...a couple more animals have you soon..

  2. the small pictures are something for cath to try at the markets, maybe for kids to buy as presents? similar idea as the cake ones for lindy. waiting eagerly to see them!!! (animals)......we have a comment from someone i found on young ones.... you will have to look via dashboard, not showing up on blog.



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