Friday, February 14, 2014

Scoop Net For Live Bait

walked out the back this morning to ask husband if he would like a cuppa.
 he was sitting quietly in the sun stitching plastic mesh together.
 "guess what i'm doing"? he asked...... "sewing", he answered himself smugly.
 wonders will never cease......what next? i thought to myself.
"what are you sewing"? i asked, politely.
"i'm making a scoop net for  live bait"
ok....i thought to myself as i went about what i was doing.
a bit later he asked "do you know where there is any wire"?
my answer was "no i don't have any wire"........."don't worry i have some " he said.
later on......."do you want to take a photo"?
i must have looked a bit puzzled.
"it's recycled stuff, the mesh was around the gas bottle, & the wire is from the old clothes line."(he recently made me a new clothes line).
"you can blog it" he said , looking at me quiet seriously!


  1. what a clever boy!!...why not?!...hope it works well...good stuff...why are you surprised?!...he watches you and your stuff all the's contagious..haha...

  2. see what effect you have? making people think



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