Thursday, December 12, 2013

365 Creative Challenge 2013 - Counting Down The Days

 to get the border reasonably straight for the acrylic pineapple paintings i used blue painters masking tape. when the paintings were dry i removed the masking tape & tore it into strips, stuck them onto a piece of pinky red painted paper then cut them into squares roughly.
 stuck the pieces on the used office diary pages.
 i went back to the first page with white gesso, leaving some circle shapes, stuck on some small cut out circles, rectangles & squares on the bottom part.

 collage on wood block acrylic prints on watercolour on used sketch book paper, & washi tape.

 this one looks like trees to me , what do you think?
not long to go now & this challenge will be complete.


  1. nice work...bright and cheerful....frame them for decoration for the coming silly season...lovely colours...

  2. now that's an idea! thank you.



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