Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Painted Note Book Covers

 then what to do with all these colourful creations? 
some of them go straight to a stack of painted paper for future collages.
 but as i have been trying to cut down on keeping too much stuff & becoming overwhelmed with too many projects & ideas i have decided to only keep the bits i really like & know i will use.
 these two i used to cover some notebooks for the office.
in the photo at the top i have collaged & printed various pieces of paper. i used a brown paper bag,    a window envelope & tissue paper.
 plastic mesh & bottle tops for the printed shapes & lines.
 the pink one was made using  leftover paint which i just pressed onto a piece of paper & then pulled it down the page......... looks like a bird to me. (raylee).

1 comment:

  1. there you are!!...dont know about a bird...looks like a pink elephant to me...still nice for a bit of colour on a notebook...



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