Thursday, October 18, 2012

Beach/Swimming Bag.......

for this beach inspired bag which is strong enough to hold a wet towel & swimmers,  i used two thicker plastic bags.........set the iron to synthetic & dry.......put a sheet of baking paper on the ironing board.......then two pieces of plastic (cut off the handles before you start), another piece of baking paper on top covering all the plastic then iron over the paper, turn over & iron the underside, now you have a sheet of material to cut & stitch into whatever kind of bag  you would like to make.

 if using thinner plastic you need about four bags to make it durable. when the plastic is fused it becomes crinkly, adding texture to the finish, colour & text make for some interesting combinations.

you could make pencil cases, make up bags, coin purses even new shopping bags etc. (raylee).


  1. nice...what a great way to reuse all those bags...looks good too...

  2. Lovely idea !!
    Such a creative ways to recycle.



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