Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mixed Media Art

 Hello are you tonight? just thought i would show a little bit of what i have been doing today.....well i should say last night, i spread gesso over a red acrylic background on canvas with a scraper, left it to dry over night. i left some areas so the red would show through, scraped some of the gesso to make it thinner & moved it around to make some random texture. in other words played with it!
 next i used a paper napkin to blot some of the paint while it was still wet. then i did the same again with a warm yellow etc., but this time i used more gel medium to make some more texture. when this was partly dry i did the same again with a cool red & a warm red.while it was still wet i made a runny mix of paint, gel medium & water applied it at the edges of the canvas, one at a time, & tilted the canvas to make it run from side to side. this made the grid like pattern. while the gel medium was still wet i made circular patterns by pressing various plastic  lids into it, & scraping out some of the gel with a teaspoon. i hadn't planned the teaspoon bit, but started doodling with it while talking to my sister on the phone this afternoon. i don't know where this is going yet, tomorrow is another day.......full of possibilities. what's been keeping you busy lately? (raylee).

1 comment:

  1. bright...and messy...cant wait to see what it turns into...lovely



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