Thursday, June 28, 2012

Patches On Patchwork

 made from brushed printed denim, very 70's, & a yellow cotton with a bird print, also from the  70's.

 the patches  were cut mostly from cotton shirts i had made in the 90's, gingham curtains from a couple of different kitchens i have lived in over the years, floral sheeting, a bandana i wore in the 70's to keep long hair from my face, & blue & white snowdrop print cotton from our first feather doona cover. the quilt has been waiting patiently in the "one day basket" as in one day i will mend it!
found a linen tablecloth at the op shop, just the right colours, blue & yellow. beautifully embroidered pansies. it was meant to be the mend material. in this case" the patches for the patchwork".

 while sewing these patches onto the holes on this old quilt i thought "what if i could patch the holes, the torn bits, the worn out parts of my life?".......the mistakes, heartaches, failures, regrets,sorrows,the could haves, the should haves but didn'ts, the pains, the empty spaces.......
 but it would be like taking the bumps out of wouldn't be seersucker anymore. it wouldn't be my real life.
patches don't remove the holes, they just cover them i will wear my holes & tears & worn bits & just be me.
for every tear that has run down my face there has also been a smile too. my life is a lot like the texture of seersucker.......a series of ups & downs. (raylee).


  1. so true...nicely said...the quilt looks great too...ready for a new series of memories...

  2. I just adore everything about this, you can feel the love and the history through the photos! Wish I'd had the forsight to make something like this! x



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