Monday, May 7, 2012

Tapestry & Tea Towel Cushion Covers

A little bit of Australiana & a piece of English tapestry have made their way onto my couch.
 the tapestry is a Kaffe Fassett design.......someone put a lot of time into stitching the pheasant design but for some unknown reason it ended up at the op was a bit wonky but for $1.00 i was happy to take it home. i just stitched it onto a cushion cover that i had made ages ago.
the 1984 banksia tea towel i found interesting when i read the label.......Czechoslovakian linen.....printed in Hong Kong & made in Australia.
i used pillowcases that had seen better days as the lining for the cushion inserts. (raylee).


  1. nice work...good use for the old teatowels...some of them are too pretty to use...nicer to look at...

  2. thank you for your comments.....well you can see how long i have had some of them so it was about time to use them. amazing some of the things you find when you start to declutter!!....& thank you for adding the "sketch book logo".....i will try to keep up now.

  3. They look great, 1981 would have been better though! Helen has a beautiful aqua and yellow retro table cloth that belonged to Trevor's grandmother. It would look great as cushions, I will send it to you if I ever manage to confiscate it!



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