Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Secrets" Mixed Media Art

I think this is where i left off last i will try to show you the next steps i took to complete this mixed media collage..... .....a closer look.....

.....some more colour added with "Caran D'Ache" oil pastels , rubbed in

with my fingertips, & then in some areas i brushed the oil colour with a bit of turps,.....

......some detail showing the oil pastel.....

.........the sides of the canvas were also covered with tissue paper, words written with a red "Faber Castell" artist Pitt pen from a *landscape* pack, oil pastel rubbed over the top & again brushed with turps.....

.....detail of the focal point. the canvas measures 30x30 cm. or 12"x12".

So that's how it happened......i had no idea to begin with, it just came together as i added all the bits & pieces. after the faces were put in i found the little girl & the images brought out the message that i wanted to convey through this artwork.......the eyes are open but they don't always see what is right in front of them, sometimes they do see but choose to avert there eyes........the closed lips represent keeping the secret.



  1. nice!!..getting wise in your musings as well...all so true..

  2. thank you! lots of things start to surface when i try not to think too much about what i am doing & just let it happen.

    1. Raylee this evokes all kinds of emotions from me. Fear in my belly, anger in my fists, strength in my being, love in my heart.



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