Monday, March 26, 2012

Oriental Theme - Journal

I had a request for a journal with an oriental theme......i started looking through my magazines......& was surprised to find there were enough pictures to fill quite a few pages.
mostly i start the journals by using old books or magazines with sturdy pages. glue pictures in leaving some blank space on most pages so that the person receiving the journal can add their own words, pictures , paint or whatever it is they want to use the journal for.
so thought i would show you some of the colourful pictures i have already glued in.

I think its a good idea to have some sort of starting point like a theme, subject, colour scheme etc. as sometimes i find myself lacking direction with no ideas, or having too many ideas fighting to get out first & not being able to decide on the right one.

is this something you have difficulty with?......or do you know what you are doing & just do it?

i would like to know how you approach new projects, do you jump straight in .......or do you procrastinate?



  1. procrastinate?...good word...that's me...try some reds...lucky looks like you have the idea...have fun...

  2. thank you so much for your visit.
    normally i'll jump straight to the new project.
    the feeling like want to start them before the muse going away :)



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