Sunday, February 5, 2012

One Thing Leads to Another.......

I have been thinking for a while now my bedroom could do with a new paint job, which means new curtains, artwork etc.,.....OK a total makeover!
I need something to write my ideas in, so grabbed a journal i have had since the year 2000, given to me by my husband. He brought it home from a trip to Canberra.
While he was there he visited Floriade with my youngest sister.......who knew he was interested in gardening?
Anyway, i hadn't used the journal for sometime. I was surprised to read some of the entries........
Five Things To Be Grateful For Today
Sun. 14th. Jan. 2001.
1) I am of sound mind ( that could be debatable).
2) We went out for lunch.
3) I didn't cook today.
4) Butterflies.
5) I'm going to art class tomorrow.

Wed. 17th. Jan. 2001
1) Went shopping, had enough money & some leftover.
2) I bought paint!
3) My beans & tomatoes are growing.
4) My sister came to visit & we actually talked.
5) My grand daughter gave me a bunch of flowers.
Thurs. 25th. Jan. 2001.
1) I completed the 3 day workshop with Rosemary Gartelman (South Australian artist).
2) I learnt a lot about mixed media & seeing things differently.
3) I watched a Rosalie Gascoigne interview on ABC TV. (Australian Artist).
4) I collect things.
5) I have discovered why I have these collections.
These entries came about after I read "Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban Breatnach.
As I sat quietly on the pool step this morning enjoying the warm summer sun a red dragonfly settled close by as blue butterflies flitted effortlessly from plant to plant.
I looked up at the long slender leaves of the palms swaying to & fro & a white feather danced its way through the air.
My eyes followed it down until it dropped behind the fence. Then i noticed a small grey & white striped feather on top of the water floating past my toes.
How grateful i am for this life I live.
Five Things To Be Grateful For Today......
1) Family.......where would I be without them?
2) Sunshine.
3) Water.
4) The ability to feel.
5) Paint.
Things haven't changed that much over the years. It's the little things, the every day things we take for granted that i am most grateful for.
How about you?
What are you most grateful for?


  1. I dont think you have changed much...not even your ideas and desires...just more 'out there' about it...good to know and see...good luck with the 'makeover'...

  2. so good to have you back in blog land!! thank you for all your lovely comments!

  3. I am most grateful for the freedom I have in my life right now . . . to play, create art, take photographs, explore, dance, sing if I want to, teach, encourage, love. I am conscious of my freedom but it feels good to remind myself and appreciate. My first time here, Raylee - i like your blog!

  4. thank you! so happy to have you!!



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