Sunday, November 13, 2011

Biscuit Cutters

Saturday morning i spent de -cluttering some kitchen drawers, you know the ones that end up with lots of odds & ends filling them. a few years ago i emptied my "third drawer" for ever, but pesky little things that don't have a real home found other drawers to live in..... so the time has come .......find a purpose or be gone!......i found some old biscuit cutters that i bought last year at "Yandina Markets".......decided the time had come to use them creatively..... saturday afternoon i began to combine them with a few other "hangers on". the sides of an old wooden box, knobs from old cupboards, rusty wire, a doily that must have had a lot of is so soft & thin & some new metal letters. more to come.......(raylee).


  1. i Looove biscuit cutters - and I don't know why. AS if they could ever be used for such now... what will they become??

  2. great us more!!...

  3. thank you! hope you like it,a bit of nostalgia for the kitchen!



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