Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Biscuit Cutter Kitchen Hanger

I have had a love for corrugated iron for a very long time .......so couldn't resist taking a photo in the morning sunshine of the "kitchen hanger" i started last saturday (see previous post). i added a rusty piece of chain as a hanger, some cup hooks on the lower edge for hanging tea towels or potholders.

These potholders were used by my great grandmother. she hand stitched them from some of her old "cretonne" kitchen curtains. a lot of the cooking was done over an open fire in her kitchen. there was no electricity or running water. the water was carted by hand in kerosene tins from the river. (raylee).


  1. wow...how good does that look?!..great use of stuff with memories...

  2. thank you!...& for the doily as well, it was from your stuff. just think.... most of the materials could have been thrown out.....but not if i get to them first!!



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