Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ichi .....A New Doll

This face has been hanging around for a few months now, patiently waiting for the rest of her body. the face started out painted onto a piece of white cotton sheet, then it was tea dyed with a rectangular shaped doily .

I cut the flower from the centre of the doily, threaded a length of denim through the holes of the doily. the denim was cut from the hem of a new pair of jeans, then stitched the flower onto the front of the doll.
I stitched some hex nuts onto the other piece of denim & tied it around the neck to make a choker, a few gathers & stitches make the rest of the doily into a hat.

This old soft cotton jumper was stained from a dye run in the wash, but because it felt so cuddly i gave it a new purpose & transformed it into a doll. (raylee).


  1. she really?? beautiful are her eyes?..she's really've got something in that face..lovely..

  2. no she isnt, i just like the name. thank you, faces are my favourite things to paint.



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