Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Angel

A few months ago i transferred this angel print onto an old watercolour, then coloured it with pencils. it has been hanging around waiting for some kind of inspiration.......well i found it eventually from my many visits to art sites & the inspiration came from lots of different places. i have been using some of my collected bits & pieces.......they are many & varied, the range includes wire, sticks, feathers, shells , bits of discarded junk metal, fabric & old buttons, just to name a few. ......when i came across these old kitchen cupboard door knobs i had to find a new use for them, so they had a lot to do with my inspiration for this art work. Sometimes i would ask myself why i collect sometimes i find the answer. (raylee).


  1. another nice one...what a great way to jazz up an old canvas frame...I presume thats what it once many interesting things to look at...clever girl...did you use the drill for the screws?....go girl...

  2. thank you, no i didnt....the drill was on another job at the time, thats another story....i used a hammer & nail to make the holes & a screwdriver to put the screws in.

  3. poor you...a bit armstrong but well done anyway...clever girl..



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