Monday, March 28, 2011

Nudge 25 - Containers

It was rainy again yesterday.......good day to get the watercolours out of hibernation..... it has been a long time . ......Cups are one of the most basic containers we use everyday & dont even give them a second thought. i wonder how many cups there are in the world?, how often are they used in one day? how many cuppas do you have each day?...... anyway,... i used lead pencil, cobalt blue & burnt sienna watercolour paints on sketch book paper for this exercise prompted by Diana Trout - Hub Bub. (raylee).


  1. Thirty spokes unit in one nave
    And because of the part where nothing exists
    we have the use of a carriage wheel.
    Clay is moulded into vessels,
    And because of the part where nothing exists
    we are able to use them as vessels.
    Doors and windows are cut out in the walls of a
    And because they are empty spaces, we are able to
    use them.
    Therefore, on the one hand we have the benefit of
    existence, and on the other, we make use of

    Food for thought!

    PS: Cups rule >-

  2. cups...dont we love them...just got to find the right one...they develop characters...I remember your Mum's...and how you had to use the right cup for the right person or you'll be in's the same here...even I have my favourites...all good...

  3. You are so good in using watercolor.
    Love this!

  4. thank you all for taking the time to comment, much appreciated!



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