Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Backlit Beauty

Ever since my first watercolour art teacher Holly Simpson enlightened me on the beauty of "back lighting" in a painting i have loved it! ........as some of you know i also love hibiscus flowers........ so as the rain had cleared today & the sun was thinking about descending for the day, i captured these two different blooms, one front view & the back of another one.......
......i like the way the building is in shadow,but you can see reflections in the window.......

......& the contrast between the foreground & the out of focus background....... what do you think? (raylee).


  1. very nice...you could mount these as a photographic display...just one more of your many talents

  2. Hello Raylee & Simonne,

    Thank you for dropping by my blog, it's great to make new friends! Your blog sis really lovely and I adore the shoe embroidery and crochet flowers - might try to teach myself how to make them ^-^

    Claire x

  3. These photographs are beautiful. I'd love to understand and be able to use lighting a bit more creatively in my photographs, it's all a bit hit and hope at the moment.

    That flower is beautiful, I can see why you love them so much



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