Friday, December 17, 2010

Nudges - 10.11, & 12, (Hub Bub)

10 words,-- my words are listed on the left hand page. i used pens, watercolour, crayons, stencils , acrylic & words & pictures from magazines. weaving, -- i cut slits into a "5minute glue ripped pictures onto a page nudge", threaded strips cut from shopping lists & magazines through the slits & added some collage , crayon & stencilled pen. also wrote a short poem.
rip it,-- for this one i ripped up an old watercolour painting, some pages of an old book, glued them in, did a candle resist, added watercolour, defined some leaves from the old painting with a black pen , stuck the bird stamp on & used a plastic container with a ridged pattern to make the lines in acrylic. (raylee).



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