Friday, December 17, 2010


She has taken her time getting dressed, but she made it. Eloise is a calico doll with raggy strips for hair, & green ribbons for her pigtails. her face is hand painted & she has freckles across her nose. her dress is made from a green satin blouse with odd gold buttons down the left side front. her pants are made from two embroidered table napkins.......... she has her makeup on, & her tag to say where she came from, she is ready to leave for her new home. Eloise is on her way to" The Mirabel Foundation", in Melbourne. i hope she makes some special person as happy as i was to make her! (raylee).


  1. wow...she's lovely....lucky recipient of this one...well done Rayls!!!!

  2. thank you. see it works... if at first you dont succeed...... you know the rest.

  3. Very to the big city to make her dreams come true!



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