Sunday, May 30, 2010

Have you got a gold fish?

Just had to post my goldfish, some of you will understand the question... if you dont .. its ok, thought you might like the quirky creativety of this bowl of goldfish which was a gift from my sister-in-law. she has a way with floral art as well. maybe she will show us some day. i see we have a follower... hooray!! & we are getting some lookers, thank you everyone for taking the time to check us out & for leaving comments as well, we hope you all come back now & then as we will try to keep our blog updated with interesting ,versatile creations. for anyone who cant work out which one of us did what...... look at the bottom of the post..... it will say posted by : either , essemm, jenni or raylee. i have been putting my name in brackets at the end of my post to let you know it was me, hope this helps. (raylee).

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