Sunday, May 30, 2010

check out the slideshow

The animals went on safari today and escaped me....they had fun time tromping all over the yard seeking escape....I found them but dont know that I'll show them off till I can get a the hang of how they got away!!! They even got Miss 4's family to join the fun...who were supposed to be having a nap....they must have used the getaway car...
Nice goldfish....they still hanging around???


  1. have had some oohing & ahhing, & how cute! especially the giraffe!! , from my family,. i love the chook. sam said the car/ bus reminds her of your old white car?

  2. Thanks Raylee..glad you lot like them...yes the car turns into a bus and a camper van, depending what we are playing...the others are coming along..still a works in progress...deciding on colours that work best..xS



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