Saturday, August 20, 2016

Australian Mixed Media Roadshow - Art is You.

 Two collages exercises from the workshop with Seth Apter (click the link to see his blog for up coming tutorials/workshops ).
These were fairly quick exercises as we worked almost non stop except for a lunch break & morning & afternoon tea, most of our class skipped the afternoon cuppa.....trying to get our stencils & collages completed.

 A couple of the stencil exercises using different mediums & techniques.
Do you read art magazines?
Do you  look at all the tutorials & think there is one little piece of the puzzle missing?
You do everything step by step but it doesn't quite look like you think it should.
Me too!
So when I heard the Art is You Mixed Media Roadshow was coming to Tewantin !! I booked two workshops with Seth Apter, mixed media artist......
Seth is a very generous tutor, he was more than happy to fill in all the missing gaps & show the class how he makes art step by step to the very end.
If you are interested in any of his up coming workshops go have a look where he will be teaching.
Lots of information on his blog

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