Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pay It Forward Day

Life has been in our way.....but we have been creating in our spare time.
Simonne has been stitching lots of patchwork quilts & bags, & hooking yarn into rugs & bunnies.
I am trying to transform blank canvases into something else & when that doesn't quite work out I just re do an old painting, as the one above. A watercolour made over with crayon.

As today is Pay It Forward Day I would like to say a thank you to Rebecca from, & share her link with you.

 Rebecca is taking orders for 'prayer flags' to raise money for OXFAM for Nepal.

You will find more information at 'Naughty shorts' on Facebook.

As the rain is falling & darkness closing in I am so grateful for the comfort of my home, but also feel so sad for all the people who  will be trying to sleep under tarps & tents or maybe in the open tonight & for many nights to come.


1 comment:

  1. gets in the way...but we must keep moving and and loving...sending positive thoughts out to all who need it...



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